Networking Tompkins County conference 1998
Saturday March 21, 1998
Textor Hall, Ithaca College


Below is the prelimary conference program for Networking Tompkins County 1998. To find out more about the speakers, organizations, and the web sites listed below, visit our Speakers page.

8:00-9:00 am


9:00-10:30 am
Textor 102


Bill Kaupe, President, IthacaNet, Inc.

Morning Keynote

Steve Cisler, Community Networking author and lecturer, former head of Apple's Library of Tomorrow Program, "The Future of Community Networking"

How has community networking changed since it began in the 1970's in Berkeley, California? What are the opportunities for local initiatives given the widespread availability of Internet services? Steve Cisler will talk about his involvement with the community networking movement and what challenges it will face in the coming years.

 10:30-11:00 am


 11:00-12:30 pm

Track sessions

 Textor 101

Track I--Session 1

Local Businesses on the Internet

Ari Kissiloff, Public Communications, Inc.

Peter L. Krebs, Chairman, Dutch Computer Association

Jim Siefker, "Internet Resources for Investors"

Textor 102

Track II--Session 1

Networking Tompkins County--Where are we at?

Judy Boggess, Policy Analyst, Tompkins County, Moderator

Charles Evans, Chair, Electronic Future Committee, Tompkins County Board of Representatives, "Update on the Electronic Future Committee"

Judy Boggess, Policy Analyst, Tompkins County, "Vision and Future Plans of the EFC"

S. Keshav, Department of Computer Science, Cornell University, "Technology Update"

High Speed Networking Applications...

Cynthia LaPier, Ithaca City School District, "Partnership for an Electronic Future"

Bill Demo, Tompkins Cortland Community College, "Distance Learning"

Tom Hallisey, Cayuga Medical Center, "Telemedicine"

   Textor 103

Track III--Session 1

Networking in Education: What is happening?

Jonathan Levy, Associate Director of the Cornell University Office of Distance Learning, "Beyond time and space: An emerging model of distance learning at Cornell"

An illustrated talk with videotapes and slides focusing on the evolving model of distance learning, and of the technologies and facilities needed for pedagogy-driven distance learning programs.

Anna Waldron, Enrichment Teacher, Lansing High School, "The Internet: where are we, and what direction are we headed?"

Discussion of Goals 2000 impact on technology in schools, obstacles that impact the progression of technology, benefits of technology in the classroom, and the future of technology in our schools.

Linda Wyatt, Home Schooler, "Homeschooling and the Internet: Connecting to the world"

A Discussion about how to use the Internet to find information, support and resources for homeschooling. This includes some specific online references, as well as some discussion of how to choose, how to know what you want to find, and just how much help there is "out there" to make your homeschooling rewarding. There will be some background information on the New York State homeschooling regulations.

 11:00-12:30 pm


   Friends Hall-
Microcomputer Complex-
Mac Lab

 Hands-on Basic HTML

This is a very basic hands-on course in marking up text files in HTML for mounting on the Web. You need only know how to type! Files will be saved in MS Word, so no special software will be used. There will be handouts available.

Brenda Lapp, Information Technology Engineer, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University

 12:30-2:00 pm

Lunch--Emerson Suites, Phillips Hall

 2:00-3:30 pm

 Track sessions

 Textor 101

 Track I--Session 2

Putting the Internet to Work for Your Business

Jim Spitznagel, owner, Jim's Ithaca Music Shop (J.I.M.S.), and Level Green Recording Company

Mike Turback, Internet Retailer and Hospitality Consultant, Made in NY store

Linda S. Folley, Spider Graphics Corporation

John Levine, author of Internet for Dummies

Textor 102

Track II--Session 2

Ithaca Business on the Web: Road Out of The Economic Hinterland?

The Ithaca area is blessed with an abundance of creative businesses. Unfortunately, the Ithaca market is not big enough to generate an abundant economy. Can the local business community significantly expand the market for local goods as services through effective use of the World Wide Web? A panel of local entrepreneurs who have been engaged in trying to do just that will share their expertise.

Tom Hanna is Vice President of LifeNET, Inc., a Web-based enterprise. Moderator

Gion-Men Kruegel, CEO and Design Director of ECLAT New York Inc., a Graphic Design and Corporate Identity Design Bureau in Ithaca NY.

Adam Perl, Proprietor, Pastimes, a specialty shop retailing in antiques and collectibles.

 Textor 103

Track III--Session 2

Internet Access Policies in Schools and Libraries

As Internet connections become more common in public libraries and public schools, parents, school board members, and government officials nationwide are wondering what to do about access to material that may not be suitable for children. And given the scarcity of Internet access points, is "adult content" an appropriate use of resources even for adults? A recent Ithaca Journal article quoted an Ithaca College scholar as saying, "I think anyone viewing pornographic material in a public library should be expelled, regardless of age." Strong feelings exist on all sides of this debate. The panel will feature advocates of a wide variety of viewpoints, representing librarians, educators, and other concerned individuals, and a moderator to see to it that reason prevails as we look for common ground.

Margie Hodges, Director of Cornell University's Computer Policy and Law Program, Moderator

Stuart M. Basefsky, Information Specialist, Cornell University, New York State School of Industrial & Labor Relations

Bob Kibbee, Cornell University reference librarian, and Chair of the Trumansburg School Technology Committee

Jean Armour Polly, Author, The Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages

 2:00-3:30 pm


   Friends Hall-
Microcomputer Complex-
Mac Lab

 Around the World on the Internet: A curriculum for 6th graders

Learn how to develop a cultural and history curriculum for 6th graders using Web sites in various continents. Workshop will offer hands-on exploration as well as discussion of issues involved in developing such curricula.

Judy Boggess, Policy Analyst, Tompkins County, and mother of a 6th grader.

 3:30-4:00 pm


 4:00-4:15 pm
Textor 102

Award Ceremony

Second Annual
IthacaNet Award for Achievement
in Networking Tompkins County

Homer Wilson Smith, Lightlink

 4:15-5:00 pm
Textor 102

 Afternoon Keynote

Martin A. Luster, New York State Assemblyman, 125th Assembly District

 Ongoing activities...

All Day
Friends Hall,

Posters & Demonstrations

Demonstrations by local organizations of their networking & web sites:

All Day
Textor Hall

 Vendor Displays

Check out the full list here.

 All Day
(except during workshops)
Friends Hall-
Microcomputer Complex-
Mac Lab

Internet Access

Public Surfing Room--Try out what you've just heard about!


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