Acknowledgements and Credits
The IthacaNet -- Community Networking in Central New York
Acknowledgements and Credits

Special thanks to the Cornell Theory Center for use of an IBM AIX 43P for running the IthacaNet web server and network connectivity beginning in June 2000. Thanks also to the Cornell Information Technologies for providing space in their machine room for our server.

Thanks to The Program of Computer Graphics at Cornell University for the use of an Hewlett-Packard Series 9000/835 Workstation which was our first server from 1994 to June, 2000.

The photographs used on the IthacaNet front page are provided by the Ithaca/Tompkins County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Pages on the IthacaNet Web server have been created and maintained by numerous people from the community including Miles McCredie, Mark H. Anbinder, Dan Dwyer, Stacy Pendell, Maureen Fisher, and Bill Kaupe. Information has also been contributed by Ian Alderman, Harvey Gitlin, Steve Worona, and an assortment of other unsung heroes. Our thanks to all.

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Last modified 19 June 2000