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Content Policy

The IthacaNet is in the unique position in the local community to be the central directory for all Internet-delivered information about the Ithaca area. This central directory improves accessibility to local resources and distingishes Ithaca as a worthwhile exit on the information superhighway. The IthacaNet provides a structure for this directory that is comprehensive, easy to understand, flexible, end-user-oriented, and constantly evolving. We encourage contributions and suggestions by both local organizations and users of the IthacaNet.

We will point to the Web page, gopher server, FTP site, telnet host, or any other Internet target maintained by any local entity, commercial or non-commercial. Where there is no resource to link to, the IthacaNet will provide space on its own server according to the policy defined below.

Non-profit Organizations

The IthacaNet will offer space on its Web server for government agencies, schools, community groups, and other charitable and non-profit organizations. For any such group, we will post a permanent entry containing a reasonable amount of text and identifying graphics. This might include a description of the organization, meeting information, event schedules, and contact information. To the extent that volunteer staff are available, the IthacaNet will help non-profit and government entities to enhance information on the IthacaNet server. This might include development of multimedia components and assistance with page design.

Over time we expect many groups to acquire or contract for their own resources, create a more complete Internet presence, and maintain those materials directly. We will continue to act as an interim host, a start-up site, or a proof-of-concept vehicle for such groups.

Commercial Businesses

There are a number of local companies selling Web design and hosting services to area businesses. Therefore, the IthacaNet does not host pages for commercial businesses. We do work aggressively to encourage the entrance of alternate providers into the market to ensure a healthy and competitive local environment.

Links to internet resources for all local businesses will be included in our comprehensive list. Web sites maintained by national headquarters of local businesses will be included in the IthacaNet listings at the request of the local office. We request local web service providers to inform us when new businesses come on-line so that these can be included in a timely manner.

Because of our interest in completeness, the IthacaNet will post a short description (typically 1- or 2-paragraphs) of any business that asks for one. We will also proactively add such descriptions to our listings, even if not asked, when it is felt best to do so by IthacaNet staff or users. These descriptions should emphasize things like category of business and hours of operation, rather than price or brands.

An exception to this business policy is made for information which is provided as a community service. Examples include consumer information from local utility companies or comphrensive lists of activities or resources. Information which is of interest to a large part of the local community will be included in this category.

Innovative Uses of the Web

The IthacaNet is especially interested in innovative uses of Web technology for enhanced communication within the local community. Creative ideas for developing interactive and dynamic Web resources will be hosted by the IthacaNet. Experiments in new methods of communication which are of value to the community (e.g., local chat groups or expert advice columns), whether sponsored by commerical or non-commercial groups, will be accepted.


In the near future the IthacaNet will be prepared to accept sponsorships from commercial businesses and other organizations. These sponsors will be appropriately recognized for their contributions. More information will be made available when the IthacaNet is ready to accept sponsorships.

Dates, Credits, Backups, and Appropriateness

All materials located on or linked from the IthacaNet should contain creation dates and contact information for the author. Authors of information that appears to be out of date will be asked to provide new information. If information remains out of date it will be removed from the IthacaNet listings.

It is strongly recommended that persons supplying information to be located on the IthacaNet web server maintain a backup copy on another machine. The IthacaNet can not guarantee that backups will be available in the event of lost files.

Any information that is determined by IthacaNet adminstrators to be offensive or inappropriate for this community-oriented resource will not be included in the IthacaNet listings. Copyrighted materials will only be included on the IthacaNet server with appropriate permission from the owner of the material.

Contact Information

To have your business or organization listed on the IthacaNet, or if you have a suggestion for information which should be added to the IthacaNet, send email to

Include URL (if available), brief description of the organization, and contact person (address, phone, fax, and email). All materials included must be provided in some electronic format compatible with tools available to the volunteers. Any preparation that can be done in advance of submission (e.g, inclusion of html tags and conversion of images to gif or jpeg format) will be appreciated.

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