The IthacaNet -- Community Networking in Central New York

General Information

The IthacaNet is an open access electronic community information system for the Ithaca area. In January, 1993, a group was formed to investigate the possibility of establishing a community access network in the Ithaca area for the use of the entire community. IthacaNet was incorporated in New York State in November 1996. The Board of Directors meets every month.

IthacaNet, Inc. Board of Directors

Bill Kaupe, President <>
Steve Worona, Vice-President <>
Jean Currie, Treasurer <>
Mark H. Anbinder <>
Dan Dwyer <>
David H Post <>
David Weil <>

The IthacaNet system runs a World Wide Web server and provides information on a number of local institutions, organizations, and events. See our content policy for more information about what types of sites we will link and/or host. Please send us feedback and suggestions for additional information to include on this system by selecting the Comments button below or send e-mail to If you are interested in getting involved or wish to be kept up-to-date on current activities, you should join the IthacaNet electronic mail list.

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