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Severe Weather Closings & Cancellations

The IthacaNet offers this page of school and event closings and cancellations as a public service, with the assistance of WVBR FM.

Please contact WVBR at 607-273-4000 if your organization has a cancellation to report. Please do not call them to inquire about closings or cancellations. Check the listings here or tune in to WVBR at 93.5 or 105.5 FM. Outside WVBR's listening area, you can listen online at

If this information is out of date, please tune to WVBR FM for the latest information. We will do our best to maintain this page when weather conditions warrant.

Odd-even parking IS currently in effect in the City of Ithaca until further notice. When it is, park on the odd numbered side of the street from 7pm on odd-numbered days until 6am the next day, or on the even side of the street from 7pm on even-numbered days until 6am the next day.

Overnight parking restrictions are in effect on the Cornell campus.

Remember to clear all the snow off your car, especially all lights and windows, and turn on your lights when driving in bad weather.

[06:42 2/19/21 mha]

Other than items listed above, if any, WVBR is not aware of any closings or cancellations due to the weather conditions in our listening area. Please stay tuned to WVBR and reload this page for updates.

-- Please do not call WVBR for information. Tune to 93.5 FM or

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